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The World's First App-Controlled Torch System

  • Never refill individual torches
  • Control it with your smartphone
  • Uniterrupted fire
  • Composite material design
  • Use any non-toxic pest repellent
wifi orenge

Control Your Flame From Your Phone

This is the only torch system that you can control by an app, via WiFi connectivity. This smart technology allows you to integrate the system with your home and gives you full IoT capabilities.

Fill, monitor, ignite and extinguish your torches right from your smartphone, on-demand, or through set timers.

Never Pour Oil Into Your Torch Again

BugTorch’s system is designed so that you never have to fill your individual tiki torches again, alleviating the dirty black oily mess of standard torches. With this system, all you have to do is fill the base oil reservoir and your torches will always have fuel!

Bug -3-D

BugTorch Package & Product Tiers

Torches placed 8-10 ft apart will cover an area of 100-120 sq ft. Includes:

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BugTorch Basic

Fully systemized Tiki Torch solution
App integration monitors fuel level
and pressure sensors
Autofill timer
App notifications

BugTorch On

Includes Basic Tier+ Additions:
Turn ON (Ignite) remotely through the app
Low voltage wire or battery-powered ignitors
Allows for fully autonomous or in­
demand ignition

BugTorch Off

Includes Basic & On Tier+ Additions:
Full hands-off experience with torch filling, igniting and extinguishing (OFF) through the app
Fully programmable 2-way pump system
Heat sensors


Upgrade Your Backyard Vibes

The torches are the perfect stylish accent for creating lighted pathways around any perimeter.
The neutral, modern steel design is a great alternative to retro Hawaiian tiki torches. Your friends will be impressed with how stylish your backyard suddenly looks.

backyard vibe1
backyard vibe2

Make Any Cookout

Nothing ruins the outdoors like biting pests! This system brings eco-friendly, non-toxic pest repellent to your backyard for outdoor entertainment.

Select your fuel of choice and reduce mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other pests on your perimeter.

Bug 7-D

Add As Many BugTorches
As You Need

BugTorch is perfect for any outdoor setting. It fits any topography or landscape and has full scalability.

The torches, poles, and bases are sold together and you can extend your perimeter with more torches later, with the reservoir staying the same.

Engineered To Outlive Your House

The torches are made of kitchen-grade Stainless Steel and finished with your choice of brass, copper, or black coating to provide strong resistance to corrosion or environmental conditions.

They are supported by heavy galvanized steel poles to prevent people from easily knocking them over.

ordinary gas torch
  • Dosen't repel bugs
  • Highly volatile fuel
  • Expensive installation
bug torch
  • Repels insects
  • Natural fire light
  • Easy maintenance

Stop Using Toxic Fume Tiki Torches

Gas torches do not repel pests, introduce a highly explosive fuel source, require a licensed plumber and permits to install, and are very expensive. They do not emit a natural firelight and can blow out in the wind while emitting gas into the atmosphere.

BugTorch is the pinnacle of outdoor torches as it creates the perfect outdoor ambiance, repels insects, and emits a natural firelight that is more difficult to blow out. BugTorch requires no building or zoning permits and can be installed DIY, by any landscaper or outdoor lighting professional.

US Patent 10,842,146. Patents Pending.

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